Oct 3, 2011


Sometimes I feel so out of the loop with this whole book blogging thing.  As I skim through my google reader I see that it's Book Ban Week, it's Netgalley month, or I don't know, Blond haired authors Week, and I wonder is there a calendar for book bloggers that says what week or day it is for book lovers or did some random book blogger just get up one morning  and announced that it is "you fill it in" week.

I look at my blog with just reviews, and yes sometimes I get lazy and behind and I'll do a mini review that consist of max three sentences, but anyways I basically just do reviews, and think to myself is that good enough.  The answer for me is YES, because in the end this is something for me.  I only have to meet my expectations, and I'll admit they are not set high for blogging.  If I am enjoying it and having fun then I am doing it right and my way.  Don't get me wrong I love that I have followers, but I don't have many like some bloggers and I am okay with that.  I don't go around introducing myself to new people and say " I book blog and have 1,000,000 (does anyone have that many?) followers".  BUT I do love my followers!  Thank you for finding something that is worth following Coffee, Books and Laundry!!!!

Lately my blogging has took a backseat to my weight loss journey I am on.  23 lbs lost so far.  Can I get a HELL YEAH!!!!  Almost there to my high school weight.  My reading has took a nose dive, and I will make plans to take a day and just read, but it never happens.  Yesterday  my plan was to read, but instead I took a nap, watched Transformers and surfed the internet.  I need a book that is going to rock my world.  My husband says you just need that one book.  Yep, I just need that one book that will remind me why I love reading so freaking much.  Any suggestions?  Last book that I loved was "One Day", just to give you an idea.

Okay, I've taken enough of your time.  Please excuse any spelling and punctuation mistakes, I just typed without a care in the world....boy does it feel good, not going to proofread just going to hit the publish button.  

That's how I roll these days!!!!


  1. HELL YEAH! Nice job on the weight loss and it's something I've been getting back into lately to revert back to my wedding weight from two years ago. Keep it up! And as far as my blog goals are concerned, I do what is fun for me whether that's doing a meme or just writing a review. And if that brings a boatload of followers or not is somewhat secondary to my ultimate enjoyment. So have fun! :)

  2. Good for you on the weight loss and on the attitude about blogging! I hear you about feeling out of the loop. I just really don't have time to devote to it and I don't know how other people do it either. I wish I could do so much more, but that would be like a full time job and since I already have one of those I really need to keep blogging a hobby and something I do for fun. And sometimes I just don't even want to be on the computer. So I totally hear ya and you're absolutely right, if you want to write three mini-reviews, then that absolutely IS good enough, LOL. And my feeling on followers is that the more someone has, the more easily they get more because other people follow them for other reasons. There are some blogs with tons of followers and tons of comments, but I think most of those are because the blogger has cultivated all those relationships. I'm fine with my follower count as well and even when I lose followers oh well what can I do? Congrats on the weight loss!!

  3. I definitely understand where you're coming from. There are also a lot of "cliques" in the book blogging world too, and that just makes me go, "huh?" I'm glad you just do it for yourself. I try to maintain that attitude as well. I like short reviews because I don't like reading really long ones lol. Keep it up and congrats on the weight loss!!!!


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