Apr 27, 2015

The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty by Amanda Filipacchi

The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty

 The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty 
Author:  Amanda Filipacchi
Publisher:  W.W. Norton and Company
Publication Date:  February 16th 2015

What is the importance of beauty?  Fillipacchi explores both sides to this question in the satirical novel, The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty.  Barb, a breathtaking beautiful woman wears a fat suit, being beautiful is too hard, and has only caused her heartbreak. She seeks a man who will love her not for her beauty but for her heart.  Lily, a gifted musician is unattractive and in love with a man known for dating only beautiful women.

This book is funny, poking fun of today's crazy unhealthy obsession with beauty, the author adds magical realism to push the subject even more;  also, there is a murder mystery storyline that is not and cannot be taken serious, it's odd (in a good way) and comical.

Recommended if you like dark comedies, satire, magical realism.