Jul 11, 2011

Mini Book Review: Summer of the Geek by Piper Banks

Summer of the Geek (Geek High, #3)

Summer of the Geek 
Author:  Piper Banks
Publisher:  NAL Trade
Date Published:  May 4th 2010
Series: Geek High, # 3

Miranda Bloom has scored an adorable, lacrosse-playing boyfriend, Dex McConnell, and an awesomely easy summer job looking after a ten year old mini-genius, Amelia. This summer is going to be sweet...

Then reality puts the brakes on everything. Though Dex and Miranda are official, she feels like he's keeping secrets-secrets that may have to do with his fashion model ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, Amelia is harder to figure out than advanced trigonometry. How can they bond if all she does is practice the piano? Plus Miranda's mom just invited her to live in London with her. Living across the pond would be great, but can she really leave Geek High and Dex?

Looks like Miranda has a secret of her own...


Another good solid addition to the Geek High series.  Summer of the Geek doesn't only focus on Miranda and Dex's relationship, there's also a 10 year old piano prodigy  and fellow genius Amelia that Miranda baby sits.  I think Miranda and Dex take a back table to Amelia and her situation.  I don't know if I was really feeling it, because I wanted more Dex.  

Not a standout but good. Seemed somewhat like a filler book.  Next Geek High book , Revenge of the Geek seems more promising.

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