Jul 2, 2011

On My Wishlist

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What's on my Wishlist this week?

Love Lies Bleeding: A Novel

Love Lies Bleeding by Jess McConkey
Published by Avon A 
Expected Published Date:  July 26th 2011

From Goodreads:  

In the vein of Jennifer McMahon’s Promise Not to Tell and The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold  comes Love Lies Bleeding, a haunting story about the lengths to which people will go to keep their pasts buried. Jess McConkey (aka award-winning author Shirley Damsgaard) enthralls with her ingenious blending of family drama and gripping mystery. Suspenseful and absolutely chilling, Love Lies Bleeding grabs hold of the reader from page one, as a young woman whose golden life is shattered by unexpected violence is sent to a small, secluded lake town in Northern Minnesota to recover—and soon suspects the town’s eccentric residents are hiding more than one truly frightening secret.


The Red Garden

The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman
Published by Shaye Areheart Books
Published on January 5th 2011

The Red Garden introduces us to the luminous and haunting world of Blackwell, Massachusetts. Hoffman offers a transforming glimpse of small-town America, presenting us with some three hundred years of passion, dark secrets, loyalty, and redemption in a web of tales.

From the town’s founder, a brave young woman from England who has no fear of blizzards or bears, to the young man who runs away to New York City, the characters in The Red Garden are extraordinary and vivid: a young wounded Civil War soldier who is saved by a neighbor, a woman who meets a fiercely human historical character, a poet who falls in love with a blind man, a mysterious traveler who comes to town in the year when summer never arrives. At the center of everyone’s life is a garden where only red plants can grow, and where the truth can be found by those who dare to look. The Red Garden is as unforgettable as it is moving.

What's on your wishlist?


  1. Lovely Bones left me emotionally depleted so I'm thinking Love Lies Bleeding will be an intense read. But in a good way!


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