Oct 24, 2009

Read-A-Thon Post

9:07 am CT

Alright I officially started, there was no way I was going to be up at 7 am. I tried. I'm going to be posting all updates on this post. Good luck, everyone!


10:40 am CT- Just finished first book, Entrapment: A High School Comedy in Chat- Michael Spooner. I read to a 100 last night, and just finished the rest.

Pages read- 208 pages

Minutes reading- 61 minutes


1:33 pm CT

Finished second book, Good Girls by Laura Ruby.

Pages Read since last update- 274 pgs.

Minutes reading since last update- 115 minutes

Hope everyone is having fun, and reading great books. Thanks for the encouragement!


4:22 pm CT

Currently reading- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams

Pages reads since last update- 46 pgs

Minutes reading since last update- 52 minutes

I could here my stomach growling so I took a break to eat and chat with the kids. I'm ready to go again.


6:21 pm CT

Finished third book, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy- Douglas Adams

Pages read since last update- 169 pages

Minutes reading since last update- 115 min.

Thanks for the cheering on!

11:52 pm CT

Just finished Queen of the Road by Doreen Orion

Pages read since last update- 272 pgs.

Minutes reading since last update- 229 minutes

I'm so excited that I've complete 4 books. Everyone is in bed now, and the house is quiet. I'm about to make a pot of coffee, and start 5th book. I'm still feeling good!


2:42 am CT

Currently reading The Smile- Donna Jo Napoli

Pages read since last update - 58 pages

Minutes reading since last update- 80 minutes

It's started to become difficult for me now. I've kinda been browsing around, looking at updates, and stuff for a change of pace. I'll get back to reading in a bit. Almost there.


4:50 am CT

Currently Reading- The Smile- Donna Jo Napoli

Pages read since last update- 78 pgs.

Minutes reading since last update- 97 minutes


  1. Happy Read-a-Thon day! I hope the first few hours have been treating you well. Have fun today and enjoy the wonderful books you have lined up :)

  2. Taking a break to stop by. Have fun!

  3. Traditional read-a-thon blessing:

    May the bookshelf be there to greet you.
    May all the books appeal.
    May the fridge be full of tasty snacks;
    the words fall soft upon your eyes and until the read-a-thon ends,
    may you always hold a book in the palm of your hand.

    Good luck today!

  4. Hey Great reading start!
    Good luck.
    I'll come back and check with ya later.

  5. Have a wonderful Day; enjoy your books, and take time to rest as well. It is pouring here so it's the perfect day to be in the house reading and relaxing!

  6. Congrats on finishing your first book! :) Since you slept in, you'll have an easier time staying up!

  7. Hope all is going well now that we are into the 8th hour of the Read-a-Thon :) This is Louise cheering from Copenhagen, Denmark...

  8. Its the 11th hour of the Read-a-Thon. How are you holding up? I'm cheering for you. You can do it!!!

  9. I love the title of your blog. How creative and real! I send you happy and warm reading thoughts from South Florida. Happy reading!

  10. I hope that you are having reading!

  11. here's some more CHEERING ON! sis boom bah! wahoo!

  12. Looks like you're making good progress! Enjoy the rest of the readathon!

  13. I'm impressed! I haven't done near as well as you. You must be a fast reader!

    Keep up the good reading =o)

  14. Now that it's way past midnight and our eyes are drooping lower, it's time for us night owls to get our second wind! So here is a big HOOT from Alabama. Keep on Reading!!!! Just a few more hours to go!!!!

    Go Reading,Go Reading,Go Reading!!!
    the Transcendentalists team!

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