Mar 26, 2010

Mini Reviews Part 1

I was checking out my 2010 Books I've read list, and notice there are quite a few books I hadn't reviewed, so I thought I'll do some mini reviews. 


Enthusiasm- Polly Shulman

A quick cute read.  I love Jane Austen, and this book has a touch of her work.  Julie's friend, Ashleigh is obsessed with everything Jane Austen, especially Pride and Prejudice, and when Ashleigh has this grand idea to sneak into a boy's private school to find their Darcy's the fun begins. 

Rating: 3

Love Is a Mix Tape

Love is a Mix Tape- Rob Sheffield

I really liked this book.  I'm a huge music fan..I can listen to music all day.  Rob Sheffield does a great job connecting music to what was going on in his life.  I could relate so much, because I often remember significant, and not so significant moments by what was playing in the background.  This book is a soundtrack to a time in his life, that was joyful, and sad. 

Rating: 4.5

Paper Towns

Paper Towns- John Green

Another great book.  I tried reading this before and for some reason I couldn't get into it, but when I opened it a second time I quickly got engrossed in it.  I felt it was somewhat of a mystery.  I really wanted to know what had happen to Margo.  Margo was a great character...selfish, but written well.  The writing and story kept me reading nonstop. 

Rating:  4.5


Stargirl- Jerry Spinelli

I disliked this book soo much.  Basically lets put everything that is somewhat different in one person to show how unique and carefree they are.  I got the point, people are different and we shouldn't judge.  Sure I liked the moral of the story, but did the writer have to make it so thrown in my face obvious. It just left a bad taste in my mouth.

Rating: 1


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