Aug 8, 2010

Summertime Blogging Blues

I've come upon quite a few posts about what I'm calling the "blogging blues".  Seems like a lot of us enjoy blogging, but are missing the enjoyment of being able to pick up what we want when we want.  Everytime I come upon one of those posts, I'm like "thats me"! 

Lately,  I haven't even wanted to read.  I almost feel like I've lost my giddiness over reading.  I have a book that needs to be read for a swap game on PBS, and today, after not picking up a book in a week, I decided I needed to read it (needs to be mailed by tomorrow). I read one chapter, and then quickly skimmed the rest, and read the last chapter...done!  That is so not me.  I've been reading Await Your Reply for awhile now, and it also has to be sent out for a swap, luckily my local library has a copy.  It's good, but I guess because I have to read it, I don't want to read it.

I really do enjoy blogging, but I need it to be secondary to my love of reading like it was when I first started this blog.  To get past the "blogging blues" I've decided no more swaps, and no more signing up for tours for awhile.  I do have two books coming from tours soon, but not a problem, because I really, really want to read!

I have so many great books in my TBR that have been waiting for me read for years.  I'm thinking for the rest of the year I'm going to focus on reading.  I going to still blog of course, but it will take the backburner.  I'll be able to start the new blogging year, nice and refreshed.



  1. I don't know if my post was one of the ones you were referring to, but YES, I just posted this too and I feel the same! I am trying to focus on making blogging less of a priority because reading is no fun anymore. And I also have some much older backlist books I want to read and next to review books and other much newer books on my TBR, I'm never going to get to them! I keep thinking about how if I blog about that book everyone will be bored so then I don't read it, lol! And all the ones I'm supposed to read are probably good but I have no interest!

  2. Steph and Jenny- I did read your post, Jenny, as well as a post Steph wrote a couple of weeks ago. It seems that blogging took the forefront over reading, and reading is what actually started the blog thing. It's taken over! I really hope this break from accepting books for review, and joining swaps, and tours will make make a difference. I'm looking forward to reading what I want!

  3. I feel the same ways sometimes. Especially if i have just come off a bad book or two. I don't want to pick up a book for a few days usually.

    Found you through your Bill Walkers author post. I am doing my first book tour tomorrow and its of his book!

  4. I hear ya! I went through that and many other stages of blogging weirdness. Earlier this year I way overbooked myself, with tours, review obligations, Weekly posts, Special posts, blah blah.
    After coming back from BEA I changed what I wanted to read and review for my blog and have been (Cross your fingers) sticking to only saying YES to one review obligation a month (tour, author request, whatever)

    I need to keep myself open to reading what I want when i am in the mood.

    Good luck taking a little bit of a break. We'll be here. I , of course, will probably still be in my husband's man acave since I can't get my computer issues straightened out!


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