Sep 27, 2010

When We Were Gods: A Novel of Cleopatra by Colin Falconer

When We Were Gods: A Novel of Cleopatra
Author:  Colin Falconer
Publisher:  Three Rivers Press
Date Published:  March 26th 2002

From Goodreads

Arrestingly beautiful and fiercely intelligent, Cleopatra VII of Egypt was barely more than a teenager when she inherited the richest empire in the world—one that stretched from the scorching deserts of lower Egypt to the shining Mediterranean metropolis of Alexandria. Imperiled at every turn by court conspiracies and Roman treachery, Cleopatra brazenly sought a partnership with the only man who could secure Egypt’s safety: Julius Caesar, a wily politician and battle-hardened general with a weakness for women. The result was a passionate love affair that scandalized Rome and thrust Cleopatra into the glittering but deadly world of imperial intrigue and warfare—a world that she would mesmerize and manipulate even after Caesar was gone.

Colin Falconer takes the reader inside the walls of Alexandria’s great palaces and into Cleopatra’s very heart, creating a vivid portrait of an unforgettable woman who thrived and triumphed in a world ruled by men. This is the glorious story of a legendary woman, a story that blazes through thousands of years of history to capture the imagination of readers today.


When We Were Gods is a fascinating read.  At 512 pages I took my time so I can savor every word.  Cleopatra has always been a interesting figure in history to me, as well as anything Ancient Egyptian, so slowly I've been gathering books both fiction and non-fiction about it's history, and famous rulers.

Author, Colin Falconer did a super job in describing the times, and giving us a glimpse of Ancient Egypt and Rome.  Ruthless, that would be the word I would describe what was going on in Cleopatra's time.  When We Were Gods takes us into Cleopatra's reign of Egypt, how ambitious she was, and cunning.  What a grand women in history.  She did things all the way, or not at all.  The author takes us through all the major history plots in her life from her time with Julius Casaer, to her ending.  I loved getting to know Cleopatra as a mother.  I really felt that her ambition came from wanting to give her kids the world in their hands. So much of what she did was for them. 

Some parts in the book were racy, and sexual but we are reading about Cleopatra, and she sure knew how to use what she had to get men to do her bidding.   In no way did the scenes leave a bad taste in my mouth. When We Were Gods is a well-researched book that will enthrall you, and leave you wanting more of Ancient Egypt. 


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