Oct 11, 2011

Book Review: Just Friends with Benefits by Meredith Schorr

Just Friends with Benefits
Author:  Meredith Schorr
Publisher:  Wings ePress
Date Published:  2010

From Goodreads:

When a friend urges Stephanie Cohen not to put all her eggs in one bastard, the advice falls on deaf ears. Stephanie's college crush on Craig Hille has been awakened 13 years later as if soaked in a can of Red Bull and she is determined not to let the guy who got away once, get away twice. 

Stephanie, a 32-year-old paralegal from Washington, D.C., is a 70's and 80's television trivia buff who can recite the starting lineup of the New York Yankees and go beer for beer with the guys. And despite her failure to get married and pro-create prior to entering her thirties, she has so far managed to keep her overbearing mother from sticking her head in the oven. Just Friends with Benefits is the humorous story of Stephanie's pursuit of love, her adventures in friendship, and her journey to discover what really matters.


I received Just Friends with Benefits from a kind book blogger who read my comment I left on her review about wanting to read it.  I wish I still had our email exchanges so I can remember who it was...but if you read this THANK YOU!  As soon as it came in the mail I started it and really fell in love with these close knit circle of friends that breathe life into Just Friends with Benefits.  

The Breakdown:

Characters-  There is a little bit of everything in the group.  There is the clown, the married couple, the cute conservative quiet one, the crazy wild one, and the laid back looking for love one.  They all really complimented each other, and made the interactions between them all the better.  Stephanie, the main character is the looking for love character, and though at times she could be really stupid about all things about love, and plenty of times you want to scream at her to get with it, you really do like her.  She's real, and basically makes a lot of "WTH" decisions but don't we all, especially when it comes to the opposite sex.  

The What-What-  Basically from the description we know that Stephanie is ready to put herself out there when it comes to her college crush, Craig, who happens to be the ultra conservative quiet one of the group.  She wants him, and she's going to try to get him, some stuff happens (gonna have to read it), and you have some a-ha moments and everything comes together, but not in your stereotypical way.  

Overall-  It really is a fun book, some minor flaws but nothing major.  The one annoying fault is the damn cover.  
Really? Reallly?


  1. Loved this book and Meredith is such a fun girl :)

  2. Looks good, but the cover definitely makes me wince a little. But does also make me think of High School crushes, so maybe it does do its job ok.

  3. I agree with you about the cover but the book sounds pretty fun otherwise. Just like the kind of book I like to read!

  4. I ended up reeeeally liking this book a lot too! I loved the friendships.

  5. I actually just saw this review now! I had no idea you reviewed my book but I am really glad you enjoyed it. Sorry you hated the cover... I guess pink hearts is not for everyone :)


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