Oct 7, 2010

Review Writing Woes

Lately writing a review has been hard..hard I tell you!  I feel like I have so much to say, it's all jumbled in my brain, problem is I can't get it in coherent sentences.  Run-ons are galore, and I'm even forgetting all the punctation rules.  Let's not even get into spelling.  Me and spelling are like this (intertwining fingers).  I am a past spelling bee champ!  I'm not a writer, I'm quite aware of that, so I never aimed for those nicely written long reviews but churning out something decent would be nice.  Is churning a word?  Whatever..anyways, this is making me hesitant in writing right now.   Who wants to write when they feel like what they have to say is mediocre?   I think while i'm going through my little writers block, if you may, I'm just going to write exactly how I speak.  It might be a little unsophisticated, and raw, but it will be real.  It will be more me unfiltered. 

I'm falling behind in my reviews because of time issues, but also because the motivation is gone due to these writing woes, hopefully with this new way of reviewing i'll be able to spit out some of those reviews i'm behind.   I will be having a couple of down days ahead due to a nail slicing up my leg, it was ugly.  It sliced me up pretty good and deep.  Blood everywhere, five hours at the hospital, 6 stitches in all, and a tetanus shot equals  a mini break.   I'm sure there was a easier way to get a break, but hey that's not my style.  Go big or Go home!! 

I know many have had their own writing woes, anyone have any tips for times like these?


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  1. I know exactly what you mean about your writing woes! I've been going through the exact same thing! I don't really have any tips, though, except to not feel pressured to writer your reviews a certain way. Just write what you want to say however you want to say it!


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