Feb 21, 2011

(Mini Review) Wish by Alexandra Bullen

Still on my desktop, cleaned it up some and it's going a little faster, but still can't upload anything or open up any files.   Looks like it might be longer to get my laptop fixed. :(  Thought I would do a couple of mini reviews so that I don't get too backed up.


Wish by Alexandra Bullen
Genre:  Young Adult
Publisher:  Scholastic
Date Published:  January 1st 2010

Wish is Alexandra Bullen's debut novel and the first in the Wish series.  I liked and enjoyed Wish, and that's basically it.   Nothing stood out, nothing to rave about..it was just a okay read.  Olivia and Violet are twins and when Violet dies everthing changes.  Olivia and her family move, and she is finding it hard to cope with everything without Violet.  Three wishes come to play, and situations to do with those wishes is what Wish is about.  At times I was a little bored, honestly Olivia isn't really a interesting character. 

Final Say-  Just okay.  Check your local library for a copy.



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