Aug 17, 2011

Mini Reviews: Dead Beautiful & Troy High

Things have been pretty hectic around here lately with all the getting back to school list of things that need to be done.  My youngest is in Kindergarten now and so I have all three going all day, which means empty house.  I will be resuming my substituting gig, and if it's anything like last school year I should be busy quite a bit.

This summer has been a really lazy time for me with practically everything.  I slacked off on blogging some and now have a pile of reviews needed, on top of that I stopped the working out and gained 15 pds this summer...BLAH!  But I dropped the nasty habits and now down 11 pds of those 15 and decided why not go for 20 pds.  

Mini reviews are my way of solving my slacking off.

Dead Beautiful (Dead Beautiful, #1)

Dead Beautiful
Author: Yvonne Woon
Series: Book 1 of Dead Beautiful series
Publisher: Hyperion Book
Date Published:  September 21st 2010

Renee finds her parents in the woods dead, then gets sent to Gottfried Academy by her grandfather.  The weirdness at the academy is rampant, and slowly Renee comes to realize there is more to Gottfried than meets the eye.  

Dead Beautiful has the handsome cute but elusive guy who of course Renee is attractive to, Dante.  After a while some of these YA books start overlapping in my memory because the formula is basically the same, but I did enjoy Dead Beautiful.  In the beginning I wasn't so sure about it, but it grew on me.  I will continue this series to see where it goes, and because I loved the ending of this book I need to read the next.  

My goodreads rating: 3

Troy High

Troy High
Author: Shana Norris
Publisher:  Amulet Books
Date released:  August 1st 2009

I've seen the movie Troy, so basically know how the story goes ( I have tried to read Illiad, but you know how that goes).  My small town I grew up in has a huge rivalry with the town next to us, and it's been around for decades.  I know all about pranks and riding to the next town to taunt before the big football game and I enjoyed Troy High more because of my experience in High School with it.  

Troy High is a good book with a lot of pranks and arguing.  Cassie is a Trojan and her best friend/crush is a Spartan and that starts to cause problems when Cassie's older football  player brothers and her crush's (can't remember his name) older brother go at each other when the beautiful Elena (i.e. Helen) goes from the Spartan (crush's brother) to the Cassie's brother the Trojan. 

Very quick cute read.

Goodreads rating:  3

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