Sep 27, 2011

Book Review: Groundswell by Katie Lee

Author:  Katie Lee
Publisher:  Gallery
Date Published:  June 21st 2011

Emma Guthrie, a newbie to the Hollywood world lands a job as a PA for a blockbuster movie.  Her life changes drastically when she meets blockbuster movie heartthrob Garrett Walker.  She is swept off her feet, and soon becomes Mrs. Walker, and her life changes in a instant.  She comes to her own writing a screenplay based on her life, and soars up there right along with her husband.  During a huge media event she finds out her husband is cheating on her.  Hounded by the press Emma takes off to Mexico for some space, and comes to some revelations about herself and her marriage.

Groundswell is a fast read at 256 pages, though it's one of those books that I think needed more pages to make the story feel complete.  It was very rushed especially when Emma escapes to Mexico.  She just realizes things about herself and stuff out of the blue it seems.  We don't see how she came to those conclusions, she just tells us she did.  I hope i'm making sense.  

Groundswell had the typical characters, the innocent bright eyed young girl, the suave charismatic heartthrob, and the conniving man stealing jealous bitch.  I really wish author Katie Lee would have brought something new to this type of novel.  I've read numerous books dealing with infidelity with the women coming out of the mess stronger, and better but I was hoping for more.  

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  1. When I saw this at the library, I was kind of iffy. I kind of wanted to read it, but I wasn't sure. I think I might at some point, but it sounds like it wasn't great.


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