Mar 24, 2012

The One That I Want by Jennifer Echols

The One That I Want

The One That I Want
Author:  Jennifer Echols
Publisher:  Simon Pulse
Publication Date: February 7th 2011

From Goodreads:

Gemma can't believe her luck when the star football player starts flirting with her.  Max is totally Swoon-worthy, and even gets her quirky sense of humor.  So when he asks out her so called best friend Addison, Gemma's heartbroken.

Then Addison pressures Gemma to join the date with one of Max's friends.  But the more time they all spend together, the harder Gemma falls for Max.  She can't help thinking that Max likes her back-it's just too bad he's already dating Addison.  How can Gemma get the guy she wants without going after her best friend's boyfriend?


Don't you hate when you aren't feeling a book?  I do.  So the thing is The One That I Want was a miss for me.  This is the second Jennifer Echols book that I have read and didn't really care for.  Though I will say I like this one better than Going to Far.

There were some enjoyable aspects of The One That I Want like the characters.  Max was probably my favorite character.  I like his bluntness, he speaks his mind.  A couple of times he calls Gemma on her shit, and I was loving that.  Gemma is not a character I liked in the beginning, but she does grow as the story progresses.  Gotta love character growth.  Addison is a character you love to hate.  Seriously, she's awful to Gemma.

I had a couple of problems with The One That I Want. For one, I didn't feel  chemistry between Gemma and Max.  I just wasn't buying it.  Everything seemed rushed and unbelievable.  I also couldn't believe Gemma would be friends with someone who treated her like Addison did.  Something about the whole book seemed overdone to the point that it felt contrived.

The One That I Want didn't work for me, but some might find it cute.  

Goodreads Rating:  3 Stars
I round that up on Goodreads because I really gave it a 2.5


  1. I do hate it when a book doesn't work for me. I feel as if I've invested the time for nothing. Ugh! In a book like this, you HAVE to feel the chemistry or it just won't work.

    BTW... I love your blog design. Nice and clean. Easy on my eyes!

  2. The cover is so sweet, it's a shame you didn't feel the chemistry. I'm not sure I'm going to read it, but thanks for the review!


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