Apr 26, 2012

I Love the 80s by Megan Crane

I Love the 80sI Love the 80s
Author:  Megan Crane
Publisher:  Quercus
Publication Date:  March 17th 2011

From Goodreads:

Jenna Jenkins was getting married to her long-term boyfriend, Adam, and she was sure her life was all coming together.  Until Adam left her for a twenty-three-year-old yoga instructor.  To ease the pain, Jenna threw herself into her teenage memories of the late, great Tommy Seer, killed when his car crashed off a bridge in 1987, when she was just twelve, and focusing on the man who has been-and always will be-the true love of her life, however worrying that may seem to her best friend, Aimee.  One day, working late, or thinking about Tommy at her office after dark, a freak accident sends Jenna back to 1987.  It's a few short months before Tommy will die and Jenna's job is apparently working as his assistant.  But Tommy is not the guy she imagined.  He's mean and rude and obnoxious.  But he is still deliciously good-looking.  When Tommy takes her into his confidence, she starts to see the real him beneath the image and finds herself more in love than ever.  He suspects someone is trying to kill him-and she knows it won't be long before they succeed.  Why is she here?  Is she meant to save his life?  But how can she without revealing the bizarre, unbelievable truth?


I'm writing this review while listening to 80's pop on Pandora.  How freaking inspirational and awesome is that..lol.  Some things just didn't make sense in I Love the 80s but whatever is what I say.  This book is just to good to give a damn.  Can you tell that I love the 80s?

Jenna Jenkins is going through some tough times after her breakup with her fiance, but she still has dreamy Tommy Seer, even if he is dead.  From the beginning I knew I was going to love Jenna.  She still loves the 80's and everything it represents, down to her crush Tommy Seer.  She always thought of him as her perfect man, too bad he died so young.  When Jenna finds herself back in 1987 and close around no other than Tommy, she feels like she must be dreaming.  When she realizes that this may not be a dream she sets out to make her life and Tommy's better by doing whatever she needs to do to prevent Tommy from crashing off a bridge.  I love how Jenna realizes that Tommy isn't everything she thought he was.  Of course, he would be something totally different than what she would see through her TV set.  As she comes to see the real Tommy, she can't help but fall for him even more, even if he's a little rude.  Tommy Seer is brilliant.  Seriously, I love that we get who we think Tommy is from Jenna's head, but then see who the real Tommy is.  Tommy is imperfect and tired of all the backstage crap.  He's certainly not jaded by the fame but in fact disgusted by it all. The interactions between Jenna and Tommy aren't what you would think they would be in the beginning.  Tommy is very cautious around Jenna especially as she acting like a total groupie, and he's so over that.  But as they spend more time together she stops being a groupie and really starts to get to know him and he certainly sees that.  I love the relationship they start.  First it's a partnership, then a somewhat friendship then slowly takes a turn to something else.  Perfectly done in my opinion.

Now for the best thing about I Love the 80s....the 80's.  It is a very nostalgic read if you remember the 80's.  The clothes, the hair and the electronics were all a trip down memory lane.  I loved the added descriptions of the things around Jenna.  When someone takes out a cell phone and Ms. Crane describes it, I laughed so hard because I remember them.  They were so huge.  When you read I Love the 80s you get the whole 80's vibe and most importantly, it's done right.

My one problem with I Love the 80s is the whole time travel aspect.  We don't get a how.  In both the beginning and ending there is no explanation of how it happens.  I like to call it "the magic of words".  If you try to find a explanation, you won't find it.  But hey, it's a fun awesomely cool read that I really didn't give a damn.  It didn't take anything away from this fun read.  If lack of details bother you, then I think you could be bothered with the no explanation.

I recommend this to chick lit fans, 80's fans and anybody who has ever crushed on a celebrity and thought how awesome it would be to have a romantic relationship with them.

p.s.  If I could go back to the 80's and try to convince my dream man that we belong together (side note: I'm currently listening to 'We Belong Together' by Pat Benatar :)) I would go back for Corey Feldman.  Yes, I said it!  Who would you go back for?


  1. Oh I love the 80's alright... need to find this one!

  2. I wanna read this now! I'm a child of the eighties - born on the last of day of 83 - and I do miss those days, :)
    I'm putting this on the shopping list!


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