Apr 20, 2012

The Overnight Socialite by Bridie Clark

The Overnight Socialite: A NovelThe Overnight Socialite
Author:  Bridie Clark
Publisher:  Weinstein Books
Publication Date:  December 22nd 2009

From Goodreads:

Lucy Jo Ellis, from a small town in Minnesota, moved to New York with the dream of becoming a famous designer, but so far, working in a dress shop cutting out patterns, she hasn't gotten very far.  Wyatt Hayes is a Harvard-educated anthropologist from money, very old money, who just dumped his socialite girlfriend.  Suddenly inspired while waiting for a taxi, he bets his friend that he can turn a girl, any girl, into a bona fide New York socialite, no matter how corn-fed she is.  Lucy needs a job, so she agrees to the experiment.  In a whirlwind of personal trainers, designer gowns, spa retreats, and elocution lessons, Lucy is transformed, and now she must decide which of the Lucy's is really her, and if Wyatt is simply a scientist or if there is more to his story.  


There really isn't anything original about The Overnight Socialite.  Girl is a mess, rich boy rescues her, then fall in love.  Very predictable read, yet it still was cute.

The Overnight Socialite is a good example of why I can't read chick lit back to back anymore.  It's all been done!  I still thought it was a okay fun read because of my love of the characters and the relationships.  We are introduced to Lucy as she's getting ready to go to a fashion show that she believes is her ticket to a fashion design career.  Instead she ends the night going right through the runway, literally.  Very Bridget Jones of her, don't you think?  We later meet the other players in The Overnight Socialite: Wyatt, Trip, Eloise, Fernanda and the bitch of all bitches, Cornelia.  Though I think some of the players are cliche, I also thought they had personality, even if they weren't likable ones (cough; Cornelia;cough).

The Overnight Socialite delves into social classes of people and how they are so different. But more importantly, the ostracizing that goes on when you feel someone is not up to par with your social class.  I was most intrigued my the villian Cornelia because she took social bullying to a whole another level.  Seriously, I would rather hang out with struggling straight from the midwest peeps than the likes of the Cornelia's of the world. As for the romance in the Overnight Socialite, I really didn't like it.  Chemistry is missing between Lucy and Wyatt.  If the romance was better I think that I would have liked this better, regardless that chick lit is predictable I love me some smokin' hot chemistry between the MC and love interest and usually can ignore the lack of originality if the romance is gush worthy.  Sadly, it wasn't in The Overnight Socialite.  Even the other couples are lacking chemistry.  The relationships that are wonderful are the friendships.  The friendship between Trip and Wyatt is genuine.  Lucy and Eloise also have a great relationship.  The best moments in The Overnight Socialite are those between friends.

I can't really recommend this because I honestly think in the genre of chick lit there are better books out there.  I will say that Lucy Jo is a great character you can cheer for and Wyatt is a great guy, just together they had no sizzle.

Rating:  2.5 stars

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