May 24, 2012

YA Review: Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti

Keep Holding OnKeep Holding On
Author:  Susane Colasanti
Publisher:  Viking Juvenile
Publication Date:  May 31st 2012

From Goodreads:

Noelle's life is all about survival.  Even her best friend doesn't know how much she gets bullied, or the ways her mom neglects her.  Noelle's kept so much about her life a secret for so long that when her longtime crush Julian Porter starts payin g attention to her, she's terrified.  Surely it's safer to stay hidden than to risk the pain of a broken heart.  But when the antagonism of her classmates takes a dramatic turn, Noelle realizes it's time to stand up for herself--and for the love that keeps her holding on.


I freaking love Keep Holding On!  I've read almost all of  Susane Colasanti books and they have all been right in the middle reads with 3 star ratings from me, but Keep Holding On is a 5 star book.  By far the best book Ms. Colasanti has written.

Maybe it's so good because of the topics discussed?  The topics range from child neglect to bullying and all between. Noelle is going through a rough time at home and school.  At home she is ignored and neglected.  There isn't ever any food, and her mom is so depressed with her life that she does nothing but complain to Noelle, and blame her for it.  The bullying at school is so realistic. Noelle doesn't have money for the latest trendiest clothes and is making do with the little she has and is constantly picked on for it.

 I liked Noelle, I felt bad for Noelle, I wanted the best for Noelle.  When a character can touch you emotionally that you truly care for said character, then you struck book gold, in my opinion.  As Noelle slowly starts becoming stronger you can't help but smile and be happy for her. Julian, the love interest is a very interesting character.  His character is much more harder to grasp.  You see all the ways he's good, but he remains a mystery of sorts.

I highly recommend Keep Holding On.  You will immediately like Noelle and enjoy her growth.  One of my favorite YA this year.

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  1. This one sounds very good, I think I've read a book by this author before and If I recall correctly it was only an OK read, so I'm very happy you think this one is better than average.

    thanks for your review.


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