Nov 2, 2009

New York Times

As I mentioned earlier on my Sunday Salon, I was emailed by a reporter for the New York Times, Motoko Rich, who was doing a piece on "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. She came across my review, and wanted to discuss/interview me about it, the very next day I received a call from her. We had a 15 -20 minute conversation about "The Help", it was very exciting to say the least. The article comes out tomorrow, and the online version is up today.

Here's the link.


  1. Can you believe it???!!!

    We disagree about The Help
    We disagree about football
    But we have an AWESOME NAME!! :)
    Nice to meet you!

  2. Melissa, that is so exciting!!!! Great article!!

  3. Congratulations girl! How exciting for you! You're in the Times now's all down hill from here =o)

  4. Congratulations! I thought that was a fair and balanced interview, effectively depicting both sides. Great ad for your blog!

  5. Congratulations! I read the article about "The Help" and you today.....great article. I have read "The Help" twice now and agree that it will one day be a classic novel. I recommend it all the time. I understand and agree to each his own, but I honestly do not understand anyone who doesn't fall in love with this amazing book--they're missing out!

    Congrats again!

  6. Hi Melissa--I bet your inbox is pretty full right now, after that great piece in the NYT about The Help. It sent me right to your blog, of course, and then I wondered if you've received a review copy of my book, The Gift of an Ordinary Day, which came out in September. I'd love for you to review it, and can have a copy sent right away if you don't have one already. In the meantime, you can check it out on my website. Thanks so much.

    My book group read The Help last month--one of the few times that we have chosen not to wait for a paperback. Obviously, we're not alone! Interestingly, my best friend's husband was pretty much raised by Kathryn Stockett's grandfather, Mr. Stockett, who taught him how to ride a horse, be a man, etc. So we've had the good fortune of hearing all Bob's stories about the real life maids of his childhood, and the whole Jackson milieu as he remembers it. Kathryn was the little kid sister of his youth. Anyway, great blog, and I hope you will find time to read my memoir. (tried to send this via email, but it bounced back

    All best, Katrina

  7. The Times article was great...I would have to agree that THE HELP is one of those crazy spread like wildfire word of mouth books. I had resisted reading it - thinking the subject manner would be difficult to handle without feeling self-serving or treacly. Suffice it to say traveling this summer and picking the book up as a "maybe" to read while in the car - wow - was I wrong! Since then I have told EVERYONE I know about this book! This book may have its naysayers but that cannot take away the riveting writing and plot.

  8. Thanks for helping such a fantastic book and author get noticed!

  9. that's pretty cool! I linked your blog from there ;-) . Congrats!
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