Nov 22, 2009

Sunday Salon

This week was another slow week for me, and with the kids out for the Thanksgiving Holiday, I doubt I'll get that much reading done this week.  I finally got rid of that sore throat, and throbbing earache, but today I woke up congested, and my body is aching. Can I get a break!

With the new year just around the corner I've noticed all the challenges being posted.  I'm still lurking around reading about all the new challenges, looking forward to choosing which ones I'll be joining.   Right now I have a TBR of 350 plus, so I really don't want to buying so many books in 2010.  My main goal is getting some of these books read I have here, before adding more.  I will have to choose challenges that don't require me to have to go out and buy books. 

Everyone have a great Sunday, and week ahead!

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  1. I think I've given up on trying to focus on my TBR, lol! I'll just have to go through and weed some out to donate to the library every once in a while, hehe


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