Dec 26, 2009

Karma by Nancy Deville


Karma by Nancy Deville

From Goodreads:

While having a seemingly harmless glass of tea at a bazaar in Istanbul, Meredith Fitzgerald, a beautiful soon-to-be married American doctor finds her privileged world turned upside down. It takes only seconds. As she s waiting for the police to come collect an abandoned gypsy girl left in her keeping, Meredith s vision starts blurring, the bazaar music turns into a high-pitched whine, and she recognizes the chloral hydrate in the tea taking hold of her body. In this gripping novel a confusing scenario grows yet more frightening as Meredith realizes that, like two and a half million women and children worldwide, she too has been abducted and swept into the dark world of the human sex trade. We watch in horror as the once confident, self-reliant doctor finds herself trafficked to Mumbai and trapped in brothel compound where she s expected to work as the doctor. But maybe, just maybe she s not as helpless as she appears. An accomplished first novel, heartfelt and compulsively readable. Written in the style of a memoir, Karma is a brilliantly crafted story of courage, friendship, and spiritual awakening.


Karma is a scary fiction book, that could easily be nonfiction. It's about a American Doctor Meredith who gets kidnapped in Istabul, by a group of people that are involved with the trafficking of women.

It was really a jolt of reality reading about women who are kidnapped in foreign countries, prostituted and bought by the highest bidder. These women and sometimes young girls are treated inhumane, and sold as if they are cattle. There families never find out what happens to them. I know this has been getting more common. It really is a scary eye opener.

Karma does have a lot of medical terms in it being that Meredith is a doctor, and author Nancy Deville is a bestselling Health Book writer. I never got confused because she would explain what the terms were, but it would slow this otherwise fast paced book.

I really enjoyed Karma. It was a well thought out researched book about something that is going on in today's world. I love reading books with topics that are important.

Rating: 4/5
Karma comes out January 2010
This book was sent to me by the author for review.


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