Dec 27, 2009

Sunday Salon

Christmas has come and gone, and the new year is just around the corner.  I have a feeling of relief for some reason.  This year hasn't be the best for me, it's funny how a new year can signify hope.  That's why I love New Year's Eve.

I read more this year than last because I stopped working February of this year, so of course more time, equals more reading. : )
I made a goal of 210 books this year, which is actually less than I have read this year.  It's funny, but I hope to actually get less reading in, and more family, and friends time.  My top books of this year are posted on my Book of the Months, and on the 31st  I will pick my overall top favorite book of the year.

As for the Christmas Challenge I'm in i've read 2  books so far.  I just need one more in, and I will have completed it. 

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, and have a SUPER New Year's!

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  1. Christmas went so fast! I hope you have a safe and happy new year. I will be relaxing with friends!


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