Jan 11, 2010

Review of I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith

I Capture the Castle

I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith

From Goodreads: 

I Capture the Castle tells the story of seventeen-year-old Cassandra and her family, who live in not-so-genteel poverty in a ramshackle old English castle. Here she strives, over six turbulent months, to hone her writing skills. She fills three notebooks with sharply funny yet poignant entries. Her journals candidly chronicle the great changes that take place within the castle's walls, and her own first descent into love. By the time she pens her final entry, she has "captured the castle"--and the heart of the reader--in one of literature's most enchanting entertainments.

A wonderful coming of age story. Cassandra is a 17 yr. old girl living in a castle, but despite how grand the castle is they are poor. We are told the story of her family and the Cottons through her journal she is writing. Her father is a writer who hasn’t written anything in years, but her blind faith in him is heartwarming, and her outlook in life is one you would find in a innocent, na├»ve girl…in the beginning.

Dodie Smith wrote such a great book about love, betrayal, and innocence lost. Cassandra and Rose are sisters that are complete opposites. Rose is about getting what she wants, and Cassandra is about smelling the roses, and finding true love. When the Cottons come into the picture they can see the difference between the two, but can’t ignore Rose’s beauty. About half way through the book this book takes a turn for the harsh. Cassandra’s eyes become wide open with the reality of life.

The story was beautifully written . By the end I loved the castle, as well as the family that lived there. I had a tiny problem with the end, but that’s only because I was so into the characters I wanted that perfect ending. Some people love the ending…to each their own.

I Capture the Castle is truly a magical, heartbreaking novel touched with harsh realities, and young innocence.


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