Jan 10, 2010

Sunday Salon

January has been a good month for me so far.  I got a decent amount of reading done this week, and they were all good, some great. 

This week I finished City of Bones, and read City of Ashes, I Capture the Castle, The Secret Year, Stupid and Contagious.  I also watched I Capture the Castle on Netflix.  I thought the movie was good, but in no way was it better than the book.

StargirlI am about to start reading Stargirl.  This will count for both my YA challenge, and Book Blogger Recommendation Challenge.   Don't you love when you can do that.
I'm not sure what i'll be reading next.  I love being able to just pick up anything, and not having to read something i'm not in the mood for because I need to review, or I need to send it for a swap game.

Last week my daughter was using my laptop, and dropped it, needless, to say it does not work anymore.  It was on it's last leg though.  My birthday is coming up on the 24th and surprise, surprise my husband couldn't take me whining about having to use the PC, so I got a great suprise Monday...a early birthday present.  A brand new LAPTOP!  I love it, love it. My daughter thinks I should be thanking her, because if she wouldn't have broken mine who knows when I would have gotten a new one.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday and week ahead.


  1. Maybe I should drop my computer and my husband will buy me a new one...hmm?
    Just kidding. I am actually using his!

    Congrats on your awesome reading streak. I love that when that happens.

  2. I loved Stupid and Contagious! If you haven't read it yet, you would probably love Caprice Crane's other book Forget About It. I loved that one too! :)

  3. Oh no! Thank goodness the hubbie got you a new one :)


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