Jan 4, 2010

Review of Save Karyn by Karyn Bosnak

Save Karyn: One Shopaholic's Journey to Debt and Back

Save Karyn by Karyn Bosnak

From Goodreads:

Drowning in $20,000 of credit card debt, shopaholic Karyn Bosnak asked strangers for money online -- and it worked!

What would you do if you owed $20,000? Would you: A) not tell your parents? B) start your own website that asked for money without apology? or C) stop coloring your hair, getting pedicures, and buying Gucci? If you were Karyn Bosnak, you'd do all three.

Karyn started a funny yet honest website, www.savekaryn.com, on which she asked for donations to help her get out of debt. Karyn received e-mails from people all over the world, either confessing their own debt-ridden lives, or criticizing hers. But after four months of Internet panhandling and selling her prized possessions on eBay, her debt was gone!

In Save Karyn: One Shopaholic's Journey to Debt and Back, Karyn details the bumpy road her financial -- and personal -- life has traveled to get her where she is today: happy, grateful, and completely debt-free. In this charming cautionary tale, Karyn chronicles her glamorous rise, her embarrassing fall, and how the kindness of strangers in cyberia really can make a difference.


I had a review written out on Save Karyn on my laptop, but yesterday my daughter dropped it, and now it's not working so I'm starting all over. : (

Karyn Bosnak is a genuis..lol!  The fact that her savekaryn.com website worked is astonishing, and it so wouldn't work right now. 

I really enjoyed her honesty about how she got into debt.  I'm sure everyone wants to spend frivilously, but of course knows better.  Being able to see how one rationalizes spending money they don't have on 600 dollar coats, and expensive lingerie was very interesting, and funny.  I don't see how people were in a uproar about the way she got out of debt.  I wouldn't have gave her money, nor did I care that some did. 

Karyn Bosnak is a ordinary women who got herself into finanical trouble, and out of desperation, and part joke, came up with a genius idea.  In the end she got a book deal, and I'm sure is now living a debt free nice life.  Happy ending I would say. 

Rating: 4/5

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