Nov 9, 2010

A Couple of Mini Reviews


Incantation by Alice Hoffman

Incantation was a really quick interesting read.   The story revolves around a ugly time when Jews were being persecuted for the beliefs.  At one time all Jews were required to change to Christianity, though some refuse to do so, and those people are now outcast, pushed to live outside of society.  During this time Estrella is experiencing her first taste of love, and betrayal.  A very heartbreaking story.

Shoe Addicts Anonymous

Shoe Addict Anonymous by Beth Harbison

Shoe Addict Anonymous revolves around four women who are bound together by there love of shoes.  Through a support group for women with shoe addiction these women find friendship, and girl power.   Some storylines were better than others, and I did find myself extremely annoyed with one of the characters, Jocelyn.  I started to skim through her parts because I wanted her so bad to get a backbone, definitely was frustrating.   In the end I enjoyed the book, and was glad I read it, but don't expect much out of it.  Pure fluff.



  1. I'm interested to read Incantation -- Alice Hoffman always does a fabulous job.

  2. I hadn't heard of this book by Alice Hoffman. Is it new? Doesn't sound like her usual magical realism although the title seems like it.

  3. It's actually 4 yrs old...first published in 2006. I would say the central theme is love, and religion.


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