Jan 14, 2011

Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

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Dairy Queen
Author:  Catherine Gilbert Murdock
Genre:  Young Adult
Publisher:  Houghton Mifflin
Date Published:  June 4th 2006

15 year old D.J. Schwenk made me proud to be a female.
Dairy Queen is about D.J. Schwenk, her life and thoughts about a lot of things. Her dad  has medical problems which leaves the chores and upkeep of the farm on her shoulders. She milks the cows, loads hay and so many other things. She has a quite a bit of responsibity.  Football is what she knows though. Her older brothers who no longer live at home are football legends in their small town of Red Bend, Wisconsin. She learned quite a bit about the sport helping them practice, and watching their games, so when the opportunity arrives for her to train their town rivals quarterback she jumps at the opportunity. Why wouldn’t she, she knows and loves football. While training Brian she wonders what really is stopping her from trying out for her high school time? Yeah, she has a lot of responsibilities at the farm, but when is it going to be about her and what she wants?

I really enjoyed Dairy Queen, and most importantly the main protagonist, D.J. She was an individual, and honestly I haven’t read a book with such an awesome 15 yr. old. She has spunk, and follows the beat to her own drum no matter what. She’s strong, and capable, there’s no girly whining from D.J. When she starts training Brian I enjoyed the progression of their friendship. In the beginning obviously they are from rival towns, they dislike each other, but slowly the walls start tumbling down.

Dairy Queen is a very simple book, no frills. Refreshing. I was surprised to learn that this is actually a trilogy. They all have been published already! Now I have to go out and buy the next two books ASAP. I need to read more about D.J.

Dairy Queen Trilogy

Book 1:  Dairy Queen
Book 2:  The Off-Season
Book 3:  Front and Center

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