Apr 9, 2011

Readathon Update

I'm going to put all my updates on this one post, as well as any mini challenges I participate in.

I am officially starting- TIME 9:55 am

I was suppose to start at 7 but I refuse to get out of bed. No biggie, i'm ready now. 

6:35 pm  Doing more reading than posting updates.
Took a hour to eat lunch, and a small nap then started back up with Firefly Lane- Kristin Hannah.

Shout out to Jenny from Take Me Away) I'm finally reading a Kristin Hannah book..it is really good. :)

12:12 am  Not too many updates this readathon.  Finished Firefly Lane earlier.  It was really great, cried like a baby.  I've been struggling to find something that is of any interests to me right now.  Started and stopped many books.  


  1. You're FINALLY reading a Kristin Hannah book? I don't think you will ever say finally and Kristin Hannah in the same sentence ever again after reading it. I haven't read that particular book yet, but I have read several of her others and she has become one of my favorite authors. Enjoy!

  2. NAPS: the lifeblood of the readathon! Happy reading ;)

  3. Hope you've been having a great read-a-thon! Happy reading :)

  4. Grab another book
    off your readathon pile
    All the pages you'll read
    Will surely stretch a mile!
    Go, Readathon!


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