Jul 1, 2011

Book Review: Tainted by Brooke Morgan

Tainted (Doubleday Large Print Home Library Edition)

Author:  Brooke Morgan
Publisher:  Avon/Doubleday
Publication Date:  December 1st 2009

From Goodreads:

It begins like a flat-footed love story: Young single mother Holly Barrett is swept away by a Superman-handsome Brit she meets on a bus. A whirlwind romance ensues, and even Barrett's 5-year-old daughter is charmed. Mom recklessly allows the enigmatic dreamboat stranger, Jack Dane, to move into her coastal New England house. But when love goes bad-- and you just know it will -- this sneak-up-on-you page-turner packs a suspensful wallop that will chill your soul. Morgan, a Bostonian now living in London, smartly roots her debut in a disturbing crime that begs the question: How well do we ever know a lover's secrets? Haunting.


  Tainted is a smorgasbord of genres  because it had a little of everything.  It was suspenseful, scary, romantic and a thriller.  In the end it might have wanted to be too much.

In the first half of Tainted I was really on board.  I was liking and understanding the main character, Holly.  I liked her grandpa, her friends, and daughter.  I was even liking the her daughters daddy, though in the beginning I thought he was a ass. I was feeling trepidatious about Jack, but from reading the back cover I knew not to be fooled by him.  As I was saying I was into Tainted, and I was letting that sucker down for anything, UNTIL Holly started losing all common sense, and everybody was getting fooled.  Almost like the author got lost with the storyline and then just did whatever to get it back even losing all characteristics she gave her characters in the first half.  She tried to fit so much that it just didn't feel right. The ending was alright, but I felt this could have been executed better.  

Check it out from your library if you feel the need/want to read Tainted. 

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