Dec 26, 2011

the Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am Reviews

These will be so short that as soon as you begin, it'll be over. ;)  I have some catching up to do.


Flawless - 4 Stars

I'm a sucker for romances like this....the he/she's out of my league kind.  A great YA remake of Cyrano de Bergerac.  Recommended

American Gangbang: A Love Story

American Gangbang- 3 Stars

A memoir about an ivy league grad entangling himself with the Adult Entertainment business in California.  Very interesting read about the unglamour of the porn business, no matter how hard you want to change the industry, it ends up changing you.  If you are curious about the trivial and actual coming together of a porn, this will interest you.

The Last Letter from Your Lover

Last Letter from your Lover- 2.5 Stars

Interesting enough to finish, but it did have some flaws.  At times the story slowed down, and got boggled down with insights that I cared nothing about.  I preferred the past love story, then the mess of the currents characters.  I would check your local library then spend the cash.

My Name Is Memory

My Name is Memory- 2 Stars

Some parts were good, some weren't.  A lot of WTF moments for me in this one.    I guess it was just okay.  Surprisingly, the characters didn't do it for me.  I felt I should have cared a lot more about them since I've been with them since the beginning and how many deaths.  Again save your money.

A Stolen Life

A Stolen Life- 3 Stars

The writing was awful but she never claims to know how to write a book.  She tells readers from the beginning that everything will be jumbled up and confusing at times.   I gave it 3 stars because I feel her story needs to be told in her words, and that is exactly what you get.  Don't expect a lot of answers.

Pretty Face

Pretty Face- 1 Star

Blah!  I love the idea of a young girl learning to love everything about herself, but this was a major fail for me.    The MC really worked my nerves.  There was nothing empowering about her or her journey. Was there even a journey?

You Wish

You Wish- 3 Stars

I can't remember a darn thing about this one but the gumballs, and pink pony.  Both great as kids but as a 15 year old I would think I would have preferred lipsticks and Corey Haim (RIP), and as an adult, chocolate and Ryan Gosling.  Definitely not memorable, but with a 3 star rating I gave it I obviously enjoyed it.

The Confession

The Confession- 4 Stars

What can I say, I really really love John Grisham.  His writing is so simple.  I love it.  The story he weaves draw me in, his endings aren't always what you want but that's okay.  If you like John Grisham then definitely read it.

She's So Dead to Us    He's So Not Worth It

She's So Dead to Us- 4 Stars

I loved She's So Dead to Us.  The MC whines a little bit too much, but the story is really great.  A very quick read.

He's So Not Worth It- 4 Stars

I liked this one a little bit less than the first.  Why?  The MC is annoying, so many things could have been resolved if people just talked.  Still good though.  I'm really enjoying this series.


  1. I haven't read a John Grisham in forever but I really want to. I think this is the book he was talking about at BEA in 2010 which sounded super interesting!!

  2. Love the mini reviews! American Gangbang sounds really fascinating! A lot of those are on my TBR list.


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