Dec 9, 2012

Johnny Be Good by Paige Toon

Johnny Be Good
Johnny Be GoodAuthor:  Paige Toon
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster UK
Publication Date:  October 2008
Rating:  4 out of 5 Stars

From Goodreads:

Celebrity PA to wild boy of rock Johnny Jefferson, Meg's glam new life in sun-drenched LA is a whirlwind of showbiz parties and backstage passes.  Cool, calm Christian, in town to write his famous friend's biography, helps keep Meg's feet firmly on the ground.  But with Johnny's piercing green eyes and a body Brad Pitt would kill for, how long will it be before she's kept right off them again?


Damn, this book finished awesomely!  The last 50 pages of Johnny Be Good is freaking really good, and had me all giggly.  I love chick lits and chick flicks that do that.

Meg is the PA to Johnny Jefferson, she's moves from London to L.A. not really knowing much about Johnny, she's not really a fan.  She slowly realizes she's falling for him, and he so not her type.  She falls for the nice guys, like his best friend Christian, but she can't help what she feels for Johnny.  Thing is Johnny is an asshole.  He does really douchebag things, but she can't help thinking she can change him.  Johnny is a hard character to love because of the first person narrative and I flipped back and forth whether I liked him or not. The reader never knows what the hell he's thinking.  It's wierd, yall, but it works somehow, though it does lead to some frustrating "What are you doing, Johnny" moments.  I enjoyed it, but then in the last 50 pages it gets freaking awesome.  It really made this book so much better. Best part is there's a sequel, and I have it!!!

I'm off to start it right now, I must freaking know!!  If your a fan of chick lit and chick flicks, I recommend Johnny Be Good.

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