Jul 1, 2009

Jen Lancaster

I just read back to back Jen Lancaster. Started with Bitter is the New Black, then jumped to Pretty in Plaid. I feel like I'm one of the last women to read a Jen Lancaster book. I have been hearing alot of good stuff about her, and I couldn't understand what I was waiting for. All four books have been sitting in my TBR just calling me everytime I went looking for a new book to grab, but I would always decide not to grab it, I think because of all the hype I didn't want to be disappointed.

Welllll......I loved them. The two I've read so far were really good. I totally get Mrs. Lancaster. Bitter is the New Black was funny, witty, and I agreed with a lot of what Jen Lancaster said. Does that make me a egomanical, self-centered smart-ass?
BUT my favorite out of the two was Pretty in Plaid. Only because I can relate, I also remember important dates by what I was wearing at the time. Like for instance first date with husband, short black dress with a zipper that went all the way down to the end in the front with black knee high boots (circa 1996). If someone would have pulled down the zipper I would have exposed my matching tiger print Joe Boxer underwear and bra. Pretty in Plaid was a riot, I loved the story about the sorioty girl who had a lewie(LOL!), with the initials LV all over it, and those werent even her initials.

If you haven't read them(which i'm pretty sure most have), go out and get a copy.

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  1. Pretty in Plaid is the only one I haven't read but it sounds good! I didn't add it to any WL's or anything because I want to buy it, but am on a tight budget recently so I haven't... yet, lol! I guess I will soon! I'm glad you like her. I think she's hilarious!


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