Jul 31, 2009

Verification fixed on comments.

It seems that people were having a problem with commenting. I fixed it! I'm actually so proud of myself, I'm really not that savvy when it comes to computers, and all that kinda stuff. Also, please stop and pause to take in the font change. I had no idea where to begin with changing it. Going to Fonts, and Color was not helping. I had to actually change up the template. Have you seen the &*$$(*#$%() stuff that's in the template box. I just took a deep breath and starting deleting parts and adding parts, and for a while there my blog lost some color. LOL! But I did it, I did it (picturing myself in full Dora Costume)!

So please enjoy my comic sans, I think it has a little more pizzazz than the other people's comic sans, but than don't we all think are kids are extra cuter than other kids.

The cheese is calling me.
(its nacho night).



  1. LOL, your comic sans looks good. But I have to admit I don't remember what it looked like before. Great job on fixing the comments though! I don't think I would have known where to start. Off to leave the other two comments I tried to leave today, lol.

  2. LOL!!! You are so funny! I for one am very glad you were able to figure it out! Hopefully I'm going to win your giveaway for Prairie Tale!!! Blog looks good! Keep up the good work!

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