Jul 28, 2009

Review of Notes From the Backseat- Jody Gehrman

Notes From the Backseat- Jody Gehrman

It's either Willa Cather or blondecide, I guess.

I thought I knew everything about Gwen Matson. We ve been best friends since sophomore year at Analy High. I know her to be smart and confident with a retro style that would give Jackie O. a run for her money. (Albeit a graceful, sweat-free run in kitten heels).

Not once did she ever display a rabid need to record every detail of her existence. But never before had she gone on a weekend road trip with her amazing boyfriend Coop...and his evil, yoga-toned best friend, Devil Blonde Dannika. Now she s writing to me like mad.

Not that I'm complaining. I m in gay Paree (good), meeting my future in-laws (bad), so her tireless scribbling is keeping us both sane.

Usually, a well thought-out What Would Jackie Do? helps Gwen pull it together. But this crisis is beyond help. I know Gwen and Coop are meant to be, but can their love withstand Gwen's psycho jealously and Dannika's twisted sabotage?

And what do you do when you re just watching it all unfold from the backseat, over 3,000 miles away?

Marla has been best friends with Gwen since high school. While Marla goes to Paris to meet her fiance's parents, Gwen is about to go on a road trip with her boyfriend, Coop, and his blond, busty, yoga guru best friend, Dannica. Marla stumbles on a journal and knows she should buy it. She gives it to Gwen before she leaves so Gwen can vent on paper, especially since she knows Gwen has a jealously streak. After that the story is told by Gwen through her letters to Marla.

Jody Gehrman is one of those writers that is a hit or miss with me. Notes from the Backseat was a hit. Gwen was fun, quirky character with a flair for fashion. A lot of what Gwen was feeling was real. Character development in the book was strong. I found someone to root for, and someone to dislike. I was totally involved in the story. The story was predictable, but in this case an ending any other way and I would have hurled the book across the room. The California Coast was described so thoroughly and beautifully, I now what to see it myself. The Story was fun, with a little bit of seriousness involved. "We are not our parents" seriousness. Final word, I loved it, and I will definitely be lending this one out to some friends.

Paperback: 296 pages
Publisher: Red Dress Ink (January 1, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0373895488

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