Aug 30, 2009

Sunday Salon

This week was the first week of school, and I was able to get through 6 books, but now I feel burned out. I can't even get myself to crack open a book.
Books read this week- This week my reading was very diversified. I read Let The Right One In which was a very good, and chilling read. I've already posted my review, I recommend you try it. I also read two nonfiction books, Cult Insanity, and How To Make Love Like a Porn Star. I'm currently doing a giveaway for Cult Insanity, if you're interested make sure you enter. My review will be up soon, so keep on the lookout. How To Make Love Like a Porn Star by Jenna Jameson is a autobiography of her life, it was a very interesting read. Also read this week were Just Jane by Nancy Moser, Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale, and What I Did for Love by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.
Abandoned books- Surprising I didn't have the need to abandon any books this week.
Currently reading- Like I mentioned earlier, I'm feeling very burned out from reading, but I did manage to read 1 chapter of The Luxe. The first chapter was promising, looking forward to finishing that when I feel up to reading again. I love reading so I'm sure it won't last more than a couple of days.
Everyone have a great Sunday and rest of the week.

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  1. Wow 6!!! I definitely understand you being burnt out, lol.


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