Sep 12, 2009

Mini Reviews

I've fallen behind on my reviews, and instead of just reviewing some books, like I do sometimes, I've decided to occasionally do mini reviews. Hopefully this won't be to often, but all the books I read will get reviewed. To get the full descriptions of the books, click on the link.

Standing Still- Kelly Simmons

This book was a short read about a women who is kidnapped by a man seeking justice. The story takes place in a 4 day period, with each day starting a new chapter. Inbetween there are flashbacks of Claire's life. I really expected more from this book, it sounded so good, but really fell short. I kept waiting for something to happen, luckily this was a short read, any longer and I would have given up.

Rating: 1.5/5

Five Things I Can't Live Without- Holly Shumas

Nora Bishop is a neurotic, over-analyzing women who just quite her job, and is about to move in with her boyfriend. I could totally relate to Nora and her 'the grass is always greener' philosophy that I went through this book quick, seeing myself in every page. Her "meta-life" ways of constant worrying, never being satisfied, and indecisive manner are ruining her life, and making her see her life in black tinted glasses. She has a great boyfriend, or does she? She has a new job she loves, or does she? This is a chick lit with a serious tone, I really enjoyed it.

Rating: 4/5

Impossible- Nancy Werlin

This one was wierd. The author got the idea for this book after hearing the ballad "Scarborough Fair". The story is about a curse handed down through the generations of women in Lucy's family. The story could have been so interesting, but instead it came off corny, and was mediocre. Lucy has to complete 3 impossible tasks, or she will basically go insane. There's a really creepy guy (or whatever he is), and a relationship that just comes out of nowhere. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

Rating: 2/5 (and I gave it a two because I love this ballad)

The Princess and the Pauper- Kate Brian

This story has been done many times, but I still liked this book. Princess Carina is tired of being a princess, all she wants is a little freedom, and a chance to meet ribbit, a singer in a band, on her trip to L.A.. With bodyguards and a chaperone she knows its impossible, until she bumps into Julia, who happens to look like her. This was a cute, fun read. The story wraps up pretty quickly, but it is a YA book, so I can't complain to much.

Rating: 3.5/5

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