Sep 3, 2009

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday is a weekly event hosted by Jenny of Take Me Away.

"It is the time each week to recognize those older books… an older book you’ve always wanted to read, or one that you have read and love; maybe one from your childhood; or review an older book -- how about even a classic!"


From Amazon- The book that made Collins one of America's favorite authors sweeps readers from the sophisticated playgrounds of Europe to the glittering gambling palaces of Las Vegas, plunging into the world of the Santangelo crime family. The book introduces street kid Gino Santangelo, who makes it all the way to the top, and his beautiful and daring daughter, Lucky.

This book is a favorite of mine, and one of the best books i've read. I really typically don't read Jackie Collins novels, but as a teenager I would read whatever I could get my hands on. This book had everything, mobsters, casinos, love, greed, secrets, you name it. When I think back as a teenager I sure did read a lot of trashy novels.

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  1. well teenager or not i think I will like it now even..
    here is mine


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