Mar 13, 2011

Sunday Salon

This week was jam packed with activites at my kids schools.  There were family picnics, plays, open houses, cheerleading tryouts, and on top of that I got called to substitute at the primary school. 

Family picnic consisted of me and my 4 year old eating at McDonald's with a crazy amount of kids screaming all around us.  What fun!  Then we went to the early showing of Gnomeo and Juliet.  Very cute!

Then the following day was my 4 yr olds pre-k play.  She played a elephant trainer, seriously the best elephant trainer i've ever seen.  :)  She actually came up to me and said it was time to get dressed for her performance. 

This all lead to the most drama filled day..Friday, the day of my daughters 8th grade cheerleading tryouts.  She was a 7th grade cheerleader, but this year there were twice as many girls trying out.  The day before there were some surprises at the high school tryouts, so that rattled some of the Junior High girls.  Around 10:30 Friday night the results came in and the drama finally whooshed out of the house.  My daughter Jaci made the squad!!!  Cheerleading is ruthless around here so i'm definitely glad tryouts are over.   Shout out to Jaci who also got accepted to the National Junior Honor Society.  Induction ceremony was beautiful!

Casa Vasquez has been crazy the last month! So glad it's Spring Break.


I posted before that my laptop suddenly left me for awhile, but Friday my laptop was sitting on my bed ready to go back to work.  Happy days are here again.  C ya old slow desktop, hope you liked the action you had the last month and a half, but I's got to go.

I'm super behind on my reviews. I haven't even written them.  I'm currently reading The Passage, but it's size is so daunting that I'm not making much progress.  Yesterday I picked up Stay by Deb Caletti, and finished it in record time.  Very good, review will be up soon..I hope.

My plans spring break are to read, read and read some more.  I hope to make some progress on The
Passage, and read The Vespertine.  Just read whatever I feel like reading. :)

Hope everyone has a great Sunday, and week ahead!

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  1. Wow! Congrats to everyone!!
    Yes, The Passage is daunting... I started reading that and never did finish it. Maybe one of these days. Happy Reading!


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