Mar 29, 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays

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This week's top ten is

Top Ten Authors that Deserve More Recognition

1.  Kyra Davis- Her Sophie Katz series is one of my favorites. Her characters are fun, and the writing is witty, and hilarious.  I know when  I pick up one of her books I'm going to be entertained. One of my all time funny favorite line comes from her book Passion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights..
"Let me make sure i'm interpreting this correctly.  You cheated on your diet, gained a pound, and blame this on a self diagnosed thyroid condition"

2.  Craig Lancaster- 600 Hours of Edward and The Summer Son are such great reads.  I definitely think he deserves more recognition.  He hasn't failed me yet.

3.  Carol Goodman- Her books are such page turners. The Lake of Dead Languages and Arcadia Falls were excellent written books. I still have some of her books in my TBR that I haven't gotten to yet, but I know they will be awesome.

4.  Paullina Simons- The Bronze Horseman is one of my all time favorite books.  A epic story of survival and love.

5.  Chelsea Cain-  Writer of my favorite thriller series, the Gretchen Lowell series. I've yet to read The Night Season (bk 4) but I have read great reviews on it.  Can't wait to read it.  Gretchen Lowell is up there with Hannibal Lector.

6.  Patti Callahan Henry-  If you are looking for beach reads I highly recommend her, especially Driftwood Summer.

7.  Melissa De La Cruz- With all the paranormal YA series out there, the Blue Bloods series is one of the best, IMO. I think she kind of gets lost in the shuffle, and she shouldn't.

8.  Carlos Ruiz Zafon-  I'm surprised how many people have never heard of him.  Shadow of the Wind is one of my favorite books ever.  Seriously if you haven't read it, you need to RUN to your nearest bookstore and get a copy.

9.  Tom Perrota- He sure knows how to tell a story.  A great writer.

10.  Maeve Binchy-  Circle of Friends is the only book I reread.  I'm not a rereader but this book holds a special place in my heart.  After reading it I quickly dived into her other works, and they have all been great reads.  I blame her for my intense desire to go to Ireland.


  1. The only author in this list that I've heard of is Paullina Simons, and that's only because on of my friends is pressurising me to read her books!
    I've written these down, and will check them out later. I think this week's question is really interesting - it's bringing a lot of authors to my attention! :)

    My List

  2. Paullina Simons is amazing and I thought about adding her to my list. Tatiana and Alexander have one of the best love stories out there.

  3. Some Great authors Ive read most of them and loved Arcadia Falls by Carol Goodman. I couldnt get into the Bronze Horseman Series of Paullina Simons but I have read everything else of hers and Chelsea Cain - I adore and just read the 4th Book and am just waiting on Interview Qs and A's from her to post on my site. Melissa De La Cruz is one of my favourite authors. I cant wait to read her new adult book based on the Eastwick Witches and the Spin-Off series of Blue Bloods :)
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  4. I'm not really a rereader, either, and I've only read one Binchy, but it was great. Thank you for reminding me of this.

    Here's my list of Ten Authors Who Deserve More Recognition. I hope you will stop in and talk books.

  5. I love Maeve Binchy's books too!

  6. I've read the first Blue Bloods book and I enjoyed it. I can't wait to read her other books.

  7. Cool list, although most of the authors are new to me. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. I LOVE Maeve Binchy...Circle of Friends is one of my favorite books! I've read it several times, it's up there with Pride & Prejudice!

  9. The only ones I've heard of are Maeve Binchy and Melissa De La Cruz. But I just always thought Binchy wrote so many books that they'd be like Danielle Steele and formulaic and boring. Now I'm reconsidering! I'm also not a huge fan of YA but have been thinking about starting a series, so maybe it will be the Blue Bloods after reading this!

  10. love all of Maeve Binchy's books, great list, stop and see mine.

  11. Yes, there is just something about Circle of Friends that burrowed its way into my heart and my head too. Love it.

  12. O I looooove Circle of Friends! Good call!

    I vote Janice Hardy :)

  13. Oh I am so glad to see
    "Driftwood Summer" on there.
    That is on my TBR list!

  14. I love your list! Great suggestions for reads!

  15. I like the Chelsea Cain books too! I've only read the first 3 so far and I'm looking forward to reading #4.

    I've read a couple of Paullina Simons and really didn't enjoy the last one I read but I've been assured it wasn't up to her usual standard! I'd love to read The Bronze Horseman though, have heard amazing things about that one.

  16. I hadn't heard of Carlos Luis Zafron until I started blogging, and I've only heard wonderful things. Thanks for the recommendations.

    Check out my post here:

  17. I completely love Carol Goodman. Arcadia Falls was one of my favorite reads last year! Glad someone else appreciates her!


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