Dec 12, 2010

Sunday Salon

JulietThis week has been a week of celebrations here in Casa Vasquez.  My daughter had a basketball game on Thursday, and they kicked some butt.  She made a beautiful lay-up from a fast break, really it was awesome.  Yesterday was my son's UIL Art Smart competition and he took 1st place.  YEAH!  He totally deserved it, he really studied hard. I am so proud of him :) Great family week!

Now on to books, I'm currently reading Juliet by Anne Fortier.  I haven't made great progress but i've haven't really been in the reading mood lately.  I'm kind of feeling the urge to pick up a book, so hopefully I will be getting some major reading done today. I've also come to some decisions regarding challenges for 2011, I will be not be joining them, but instead will be doing personal goals.  I've made personal reading goals, some coming from challenges, some I made up on my own, and I will try to meet them throughout the year.  My main goal for 2011 is less stress, so I thought that doing this instead of challenges ties in more with my less stress goal.  What do you think?

Have a great Sunday, and week ahead!!

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